Workforce Tile Cutter

Workforce Tile Cutter

Here is a photo of my Workforce Tile Cutter THD550. I bought this ceramic tile cutter from home depot When I decided to tile my home by myself.

I used this ceramic tile cutter for about one week . Once I was done installing ceramic tiles in my bathroom I figured it was easier to hire a professional ceramic tile installer to install tiles in the rest of the house.

Info about the Workforce Tile Cutter THD550

Make your tile work flow a bit easier with this Workforce tile cutter saw. The cutting table and angle guide are stainless steel. The Workforce Tile Cutter THD550 has the capability it cut any size tile, can also cut 0 - 45 degree miters.


550W, 4.6amps, 3500 RPM's
Max cutting depth is 1 3/8"
Blade dimensions are 7"x5/8"
Measures 19"x15"x7.75"
Lightweight (28 Lb.) for easy mobility.

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