Haiti Pictures

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Haiti Pictures

Lots of Haiti Pictures,
Look at all these pictures of Haiti!

If you're looking for Haiti Pictures, we have thousands of pictures and photos to show you.

Here is a list of all the websites with Haiti pictures available here on the Fouye Haiti photo Network.

Haiti Pictures Over 5,000 Haiti Pictures @ Belpoz.com
Belpoz is our official Haitian photo album and you will find more than 5,000 pictures there related to Haiti.  All kinds of pictures here. or you can browse the list of Haitian photo albums on Belpoz here; there are many of them.


Haiti Compas Festival Pictures @ KonpaFestival.com
Compa Festival is a very one of the most pular Haitian music festivals out there and we have lost of pictures to show you.  see picture of Compas festival in Miami, The Haitian roots festival in West Palm Beach, and many more Haitian compas festival pictures from Haitian diasporas around the world.


Haiti Movie Photos @ Belfim.com
If you watch Haitian movies or you a just curious how many Haitian movie stars are out there, then you will be overwhelmed when you visit the Belfim Haitian movie photo album.  There are over 10,000 photos there of Haitian movie stars, movie premiere photos, all the Haitian movie posters and a whole lot more.


Haitian Art Pictures @ FouyeArt.com
See photos of the Art of Haiti and all the beautiful Haitian paitings. at www.fouyeart.com. Haitian art is the most beautiful art in the world. Fall in love with Haitian art and become a Haitian art collector


Haiti Event Poster Pictures
We have photos of all the old Haitian event posters on www.belfet.com, our Haitian event calendar. If you are trying to design an event poster or you just curious what the old Haitian event posters look like, take a look at this Haitian event poster catalog, there are plenty of event poster pictures there to blow your mind.


Haiti Immigration March Photos
We have hundreds of photos that we took during a recent Haiti Immigration march in Miami on www.NotTheHaitians.com. Thousands of Haitians gathered in front of the Immigration building in Miami Florida to protest "TPS for Haitians".  They were also protesting in from the the office of the Department of Homeland Security in Miramar FL a day before, see all the photos here.


Haiti Kanaval Pictures, Over 1,600
We have close to 2,000 photos of Haitian kanaval at www.BelKanaval.com and we keep receiving more and more.  If you want to get glimpse of what goes on in Haiti during Kanaval season, if you've never been to kanaval in Haiti, then there are plenty of Haiti kanaval pictures to help you decide here.


Haitians in Palm Bay FL Photo Album
We have a community website for the growing Haitian community in Palm Bay Haiti - www.PalmBayHaiti.com - and you will see many pictures there of all the Haitian activities happening in Palm Bay and around Brevard County, Florida here.


Haiti Political Pictures
Politics in Haiti is dirty, we know, but it's our reality. 
If you are looking for pictures related to Haitian politics,
here is where to find them:

  • Haitian Politics Photo Album
    Here you will find photos of some of the Haitian presidents, Haitian politicians, and other pictures related to Haitian politics
  • Haiti Elections 2005 Photo Album
    We collected over 100 pictures from the Haiti 2005 elections.  we have pictures of the candidates on the campaign trail. see them all here.
  • President Preval Photo Album
    We have some pictures of President Preval there and pictures he took with some other world leaders like Lionel Fernandez, Fidel Castro, Georges W Bush, and more.


Haiti Maps
There are so many different types of Haiti maps out there that we decided to create a separate site to house them all. If you are as curious as we are, there are plenty of maps there to arouse your curiosity.


Haiti Racine Festival Photos
We have many pictures from the recent Haitian Racine music festival on www.RacineFestival.com. Racine Festival is an Haitian music festival event that happens once a year in Miami, not the same as the Haitian Compas festival.  We have covered the Racine festival plenty of times and you will find hundreds of photos here.



We have lots more pictures to be added soon somewhere on Fouye.  Be sure to add this page to your favorites because we will keep it uptodate so you can find  out about all the Haiti pictures available around the Haitian Internet

If you have pictures that you would like to share with the Haitian community, be sure to send them to us at

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